About Meshek Zuriel

The story of the Meshek Zuriel farm begins many years agoIn 1951, the Zuriel family built its farm, specializing in raising dairy cows, in Sde Ilan in the Lower Galilee.
For years, the family sold its milk to Tnuva. The cows, who enjoyed very special treatment, thrived and gave a great deal of milk, even going beyond the quota that had been allotted to the family. Therefore, in 1987, the Zuriel boys, the second generation on the Zuriel farm, started to look for additional uses for their milk surplus. Their solution – to make dairy products.

However, as everyone knows, it’s not simple to make cheese, let alone tasty cheese – it takes a great deal of expertise. Therefore, Asher Zuriel traveled to Switzerland in order to learn cheese-making from the experts. When Asher came back to the Galilee, he looked for local inspiration, too. He found it with the help of the Bedouins living nearby, who made excellent Labane (yogurt cheese). Asher joined them for the production process and learned the secrets of it. After gaining some experience, he too managed to produce high-quality, delicious Labane, and started to market it. Thus the first line of products was born.

Step by step, product by product, one of the most exclusive dairies in Israel came into being, setting up shop on the grounds of the “Kadoorie” school at the foot of Mount Tabor. Slowly but surely, the Zuriel brothers accumulated knowledge and experience and expanded their range of products. At first, most of the products were made from cow milk, still coming from the family cowshed, but the dairy was always looking for the next hot item on the market.

The Zuriel Farm was a pioneer in the field of soy milk products in Israel, and for years led the milk-substitute market under the “Soya Zuriel” brand name. At the peak of this market, soy products constituted a significant portion of Zuriel Farm products.

The next stage saw the Zuriel Farm getting into goat milk products. This is an expanding market with well-known health benefits. The farm has supplied a wide range of goat milk products to all Israeli marketing chains.

In between, the dairy, for the first time in Israel, introduced a series of delicate salty cheeses, such as the delicate Safed cheese, the delicate Bulgarian cheese, and the delicate goat Feta, and has been the leader in this market too, despite the fact that all of Zuriel Farm’s competitors joined the bandwagon.

In August 2007, the dairy was bought by the Central Bottling Company Group, while retaining the expertise and original features of the Zuriel Farm: a small, independent dairy using the same traditional methods of production. Similarly, the dairy was left in the same location where the farm was founded – at the foot of Mount Tabor, in the ideal environment for making high-quality dairy products, near the cowsheds and goat pens that provide the milk.

Thanks to the expertise and professionalism acquired over the years, we produce a wide range of products, including goat milk for drinking, goat yogurt, high-quality salty and French-style cheeses, and more.
Our dairy products are still made from different types of milk – goat, sheep, cow and soy – and we are continuously improving the present range and developing new products.
We have preserved the traditional production methods requiring a great deal of work by hand, strict control of the process and close attention, yet we do so under the most stringent standards and supervision available in today’s market.

We, at the Zuriel Farm, send you a taste of the Galilee. Bon appétit!